These Adorable Cats Will Boost Your Mental Health And Make Your Day

There's nothing more therapeutic than a cat, there's just something about them that makes them such great companions, even their sole presence can quickly improve your mood, although, they will only reciprocate your love when they feel like it and most of the time they don't care about anything at all.

Despite all of this, they're still very beloved and even the slightest amount of love coming from them is way more than enough. Cat love is just that complicated.

The list below is everything that is missing in your life, these cats are cute, fluffy and especially very cat-like and unreasonable.

1. She's more fashionable than most girls

2. "Take it, but I must warn you, the world ain't ready for this yet"

3. A good morning mlem

4. The poor Chonk

5. Cats start malfunctioning when you put them on a leach

6. He's a professional now

7. Best video I've ever watched

8. They're so amazed

9. Calm down, you have 9 lives

10. Stalker cat

11. The smartest cat in the world

12. "Why is the world getting smaller hooman"

13. Loving it!

14. "Oh My God...I'm a cat..."

15. "My two cats spooning"

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