The 16 Best Reactions Ever of Cats on Catnip

So, what's up with catnip? We know it's a plant and that a response to it is inherited. Astonishingly, as many as 50% of cats may not have a reaction at all to catnip.

However, for those that DO enjoy catnip, it's so glorious. Whether you're the kitty enjoying the plant or the owner enjoying the entertainment before you one thing is for certain: if your cat likes catnip then everyone around is in for a good time.

With all the great reactions out there we just had to compile some of the best we'd ever seen and share them with you! If you love cats then you're guaranteed to have a rolling good time looking at these 16 cats on catnip. 

1. The best place to enjoy catnip?

In the sun, of course.

2. When your cat finds the stash:

They find the universe along with it.

3. Time is wibbly-wobbly

When the catnip hits you, it really hits you.

4. When your human gets the catnip:

There's no time to wait.

5. When kitty figures out where the catnip is being grown:

He's so high.

6. Sometimes, the mess is worth it.

This is one of those times.

7. Tales of the Catnip:

When mom and dad leave the house and kitty finds the catnip, this is usually what coming home is like.

8. Can't Cat Today

"This carpet tastes delicious though."

9. Comfort is a mindest

...And your mindset can be altered with catnip.

10. A jolly, good time:

"Our cat gets high on catnip, then sits on the cough like this watching Family Guy for hours."

11. When the catnip hits:

You get a little silly sometimes.

12. Catnip: A Story

A really, really good story.

13. There's a first time for everything

This kitty is experiencing catnip for the first time.

14. It smells so nice.

This kitty's owner put catnip in the food dehydrater and came home to find kitty in a state of pure bliss.

15. The very moment:

That the catnip kicks in, of course.

16. Kitty's safe space:

Every cat wants a good place to enjoy their catnip high.

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