Images Showing Cat Owners Exactly Why They Should Own Glass Tables

Pictures allow everyone to see things that they might otherwise miss out on. Whether it be something that happened behind you while you're smiling for the lens, or maybe it's that goofy dog trying to once again be a part of the family, you get to see things from a whole new perspective.

While it might not be exactly like a picture glass sometimes works just as well, especially when you have a cat. Catch them staring out a window and you can give them a good fright, or perhaps they just fall asleep on a glass table top... Now there is where it really gets good.

Check out below some of the gathered pictures showing you what your cat really looks like underneath the furry and frowny exterior.

I'll be watching you!

Imagine waking up to this over your head!

A bowl of cat anyone?

Tongues out bums out!

Mikan is always crushed

Hover cat has arrived!

Cat feet are my favorite things on earth!

The best view!

Oh. HI!

MFW I see people eating yummy food and I'm broke asf...

Are cats a liquid, or a solid?

How adorable is this wee thing??

Lola and Nina wish everyone a totally pawsome day!!

I didn't know it was possible for a cloud to melt???

Always watching. Always snooping. Always seeing.

Now THAT'S a full set of toe beans!

I want to boop the squishy face SO BAD

A real cat loaf in full view

Behold: Floof.

It's a hard life being a cat...

Hard life? Or a hard night?

Judging you from a high place

I see you staring at my belly!

Feeling Sleepy...

Have you ever seen a cuter little gremlin?

Toe beans you usually wouldn't see!

Human, please. A little privacy.

Pete likes to clean... on glass?

There can never be too many wrinkles, not when the faces are that cute!

Fat loaf of Cat.

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