Hilarious Cats That Are Completely Taking Over Snapchat

Cats are pretty much the most random creatures on this planet, they're so unpredictable and odd that it's pretty much impossible to leave them unsupervised even for a few minutes and not expect something bad to happen either to them or to their surroundings. 

Cat owners are constantly documenting their cats' lives and they are nice enough to share all of those adventures with us on all the different social media platforms. 

The photos or videos they usually share are either of their cats doing something really cute or of them doing something extremely bad, there's no in-between, that's what having a cat is like.


Cat.exe has stopped working

He blends in perfectly

Don't even try to mess with this cat

Mittens was here

Playing hide and seek

Awh she looks so helpless

I want whatever this cat is taking

It's called fashion Brenda, get used to it

It's Donald Trump

Try to find it

It's getting too out of control

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