12 Times Cats on Tumblr Were a Gift to the Internet

"Paws" what you're doing right meow because you don't want to miss this list. Tumblr is a never-ending goldmine of cats. From art to memes to videos and gifs, there is no shortage of amazing cat things to enjoy. Unfortunately muddling through everything to find the best of the best can be a bit time consuming so I went ahead and helped you out by seeking all the best cat posts you totally need in your life!

This is guaranteed to satisfy your daily cat intake.

1. You think you adopt the cats...

...but really the cats adopt you. Meow-m and Dad.

2. I wonder about his KDR.

It's probably better than mine.

3. Here's the cutest thing youll see, ever.

What kitten wouldn't want his own sofa?

4. Half naked cats?

Where else but on Tumblr?

5. What's in the box?

Purr-ority mail.

6. New OTP

Romance is difficult.

7. Cats are always number one in my home, too.

She is marvellous.

8. Meanwhile, if I was a cat.

I feel a spiritual connection to this feline friend.

9. He claimed it.

He was just living up to its name.

10. Sound advice

We should listen to cats more often.

11. Worth it

This kitten is purrfection.

12. He prefers romantic comedies.

He's still too cute.

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