15 Cats Who Can't Help But Invade Their Human's Personal Space

Most people consider their personal space something sacred, and by invading it you might end up getting into some serious trouble.

But that rule certainly doesn't apply to pets and to cats in particular, because either you like it or not they will invade your personal space and make sure to let you know that they want some attention.

They can only get away with it because they're so damn adorable and fluffy and you can't really get mad at that.

1. I demand scratches hooman

2. Your face is warm, I need warmth

3. You're not doing it properly Bethany, let me show you

4. Look at me, I'm the captain now

5. You're always on this damn computer, tech me how to use it

6. He's doing his best

7. Are there any cats in this story, if not then you're wasting your time

8. Arm cats are very useful in situations like these

9. You're always on your phone, what about me? I need some attention as well

10. The cats have taken over this house


12. We just want to join, don't be mean

13. Cats always choose to nap in the most unusual spots

14. Get your cat hat today, it comes with a free heater, you just have to feed it

15. Time to wake up, I will sit on your face until you get up

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