These Adorable Pets Experience Something New For The First Time And Have Hilarious Reactions

Delighting in "firsts" is definitely not an experience exclusive to humans. Our pets have their own emotional responses to new experiences, too! Our puppies and kittens experience fear at the veterinarian. Our rats and birds experience surprise with new treats. Our kittens can't make sense out of babies and our puppies do zoomies in snow.

It's exciting and fun for us to watch others, including our pets, experience new things. We watch eagerly when we give the dog peanut butter for the first time. We feel concerned and offer comfort when they're scared, and we giggle when they play. Our pets mean the world to us, and that's why we document these moments and share them with the world.

1. “My puppy’s first time sticking her head out the window resulted in pure ecstasy.”

It's the simple things in life.

2. Cat's First Christmas Tree

Best. Day. EVER.

3. First train ride

Poor pupper is totally terrified.

4. “The first time my cat has seen a watermelon.”


5. First time in a baby swing? Delightful.

So wholesome.

6. "Put my inside cat outside and walked out to this five minutes later."

It did not go as well as anticipated.

7. "My aunt took her indoor cat outside for the firsgt time."

It's almost too exciting, lol.

8. “My rat trying watermelon for the first time…”

So much joy on such a tiny creature.

9. Small Puppy's First Snow? Delightful.

Thanks, I love it. Actually, I live for this.

10. "Meeting his new sister for the first time."

LOB some love on the tiny hooman!

11. "First time she went outside. The grass is lava."

It's safer on daddy's foot.

12. "The first time going down the stairs on their own. Apparently the trip was exhausting."

I find that to be a relatable experience.

13. "2-week-old foster kitten meeting the sun for the first time."

The little mew... I can almost hear it.

14. When you use the new vacuum for the first time.

"What is this noisy sorcery?"

15. "First time outside."

Truly, a beautiful story.

16. Pupper's first lime?


17. Size is less intimidating than the sheer force of numbers.

His first time meeting kittens was adorable.

18. First veterinarian visit and already petrified.

Poor thing.

19. First taste of peanut butter.

From a dog's point of view: nectar of the gods.

20. First Snow

Truly, some dogs LOVE the cold.

21. "What are theeeeeeeeese?"


22. "We forgot to tell her that we had a baby."

She has so many questions.

What adorable way does your pet react to new experiences and objects? Share your stories and photos in the comment section now!

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