Weird Cats Doing The Most Random Things Ever

Cats are such complex creatures whose behaviors are so unpredictable and random, they're never on a constant mood and whenever it shifts it's always sudden and abrupt and you never even get the chance to process what happened until they just hit you with some random emotion. Thanks to the internet people now have the ability to share the weird things their cats do with the whole world which is great for us.

1. Spidercat Spidercat, does whatever a spider can

2. This cat doesn't mind it when her owner stacks things on her belly

3. Yeah work that pole girl!

4. Another spider cat!

5. He's trying to seduce us all

6. At least she's contributing

7. Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

8. It's time for us to have a talk

9. When reality finally sinks in

10. I eat like this, deal with it

11. Hey, I think I'm stuck, please help

12. Really? I'm suck in here and you're just throwing ham on me

13. What are you waiting for

14. Get your own hat cat

Cats are weird. Any one that owns a furry feline friend could tell you that. But some cats don't have a choice because they were born with the strangest and most unique fur patterns seen to man. 

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