These 8 Job Titles Are Real Jobs That Are Held By Cats

What would you say, if I told you that your cat can actually get hired at companies to do a certain type of job? I'm sure this will make you very happy, and not because you will receive money because you won't.

The cats probably get paid in the form of love and all the treats that they can possibly eat. But I'm sure you are happy because you might get the opportunity to dress your cat in a cute tuxedo and show him or her off to the world. 

I mean what parent wouldn't want to show off their child? Well, cats have a certain type of instincts that some companies need like helping them get rid of rodents or just laze around and give out love to people who need it.

Yes, it does actually exist and these 8 cats are a great example!

1. Rodent control at The Brewery: Venkmon, Ray, Egon, and Gozer

Empirical Brewery in Chicago noticed that their grain is being eaten by rodents and insects and they had to solve this problem and quickly too. So, what did they do? They, of course, brought in the rodent squad! They are four cats who get to stroll around the 8,000 square foot brewery and look for anything they can catch.

They get remuneration in the form of delicious meals and shelter. What a sweet deal for the kitties! Another cool thing is that three of them is even named after the movie Ghostbusters.

The Feral Feline Brew Crew from Medill Reports on Vimeo.

2. The bookstore guard cat: Page

Page is as cranky as any librarian, but she does take her job very seriously. She lives in a bookstore in Charlotte, NC and was found as a stray on the streets.

She was adopted and even given her own Facebook page that reads, "I help guard Book Buyers and love receiving your adoration (from afar)." The owners, however, warns book buyers that she doesn't have the best people skills, but she will keep them and the books safe.

Local book store has a shop cat with a lot of personality.

3. Senior pest controller at Huddersfield Railway Station: Felix

Felix has been working at the station for five years. He's hard work and determination paid off and he got promoted to Senior Pest Controller! He even got his own name tag and a neon vest to go with it. He is a mouse catching master and apparently he also loves filling in at the ticket station and chat with travelers.

4. The one eyed grocery store greeter: Diesel

A local family in New Zealand has a one-eyed cat named Diesel and he never seems to be at home. Why? Because he is at his local grocery store working of course! He loves his customers as they give him all the cuddles he asks for and sometimes nibbles on scraps that comes his way. Diesel is so integrated into the place that the staff even bought him his own food bowl and bed. Thanks to his great customer service skills he now has his very own spot where he can observe everything and anything.

5. The mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska: Stubbs

Yes, believe it or not, Stubbs a tailless cat was elected for mayor over 20 years ago! And is still going strong! Because she is so unique she attracts a lot of tourists to the small town and in turn boosts their little economy through the roof. We hope she has many more successful years!

6. The Ceo of a bookshop: Catsby

Another kitty that is in charge of a bookstore, but the only difference is that Catsby actually likes people, especially the snuggles he receives daily. This has led the team at the Second Edition Book Shop in Florida to appoint him CEO. He is now enjoying his golden years as the best manager and snuggler.

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7. The therapy cat: Thula

Everyone has heard of therapy dogs, but therapy cats? Nope, we haven't, but Thula is a great example of a therapy cat! Thula was paired with a 6-year-old girl named Iris, that has autism. Ever since Thula came into her life it changed for the better and Thula will even go into the water with Iris. That's how much she loves and adores her human!

8. Rodent management: Shelter cats

In Washington, there is a society name SpokAnimal and they were out to solve two problems that everyone needed solving. They started pairing stray cats with farmers and warehouses that need rodent management. How awesome is that? The kitties get a place to stay and the companies get rid of their rodents. Everyone wins! The venture is now called the Farm Livin’ program.

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