10 Cats That Didn't "Paws" Before Running Their Paws Where They Didn't Belong

Alright, let's face reality folks. Despite being balls of fluffy LOVE, cats have got something in common across the board: attitude. That's right, cats are excelling in the attitude department. They make eye contact when they knock stuff off the table. If there was a glass of water near your bed, you'll wake up wearing it. They'll attack your toes if their food bowl is not full enough. They'll even lure you in for belly rubs only to go berserk on your fingers. 

For all that love they have for us and all that attitude to go with it, there's one thing for certain. They just love to leave their mark on the world. Anywhere and everywhere, your cats' paws belong on all of it.

If you don't believe me, take a glance at 10 examples of cats who put their precious paws all over the places we humans think they don't belong. 

1. Couch instantly improved

If you ask me, anyway.

2. Roger Dean's famous painting:

His kitty walked across the clouds. Cats don't care, they will walk anywhere.

3. Happy Thanksgiving

It wasn't purr-fect before now.

4. “Was making a quiche, only turned my back for 30 seconds…”

Your kitty just added some zest to your quiche.

5. Nothing new to see here...

Cats have been prancing their paws all over our stuff for centuries. Here's an example from the 15th century, in case you didn't believe me.

6. Well, then.

I hope you didn't have big plans for today.

7. Mmmm, pie.

Kitty helps bake.

8. This... this is the best.

This is a 2,000 year-old Roman roof tile. With a floof print. This is no new game for the cats.

9. The purr-fect flooring...

For a crazy cat family, of course.

10. I'm not even mad...

I'm actually impressed. This kitty left their paw print in a BRICK. Or... perhaps this is the secret entryway to a cat society?

...And just for fun...

I'm pretty sure this is the face your cat makes after imprinting their little paws all over your stuff.

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