This Hilarious Video Proves There Is Nothing Funnier Than Dogs Afraid of Cats

As long as there has been a mode of media entertainment there has been epic stories of household pets and the battle between them. The greatest story of amusement ever told is surely the battle of dogs versus cats. There is hardly anything more endearing than a dog and a cat cuddling, like the best of friends, and likewise, there are barely any things funnier than those big, scary dogs being utterly terrified of cats.

The proof is all here in an absolutely hysterical compilation of videos called "You Shall Not Pass, Dog," where a calm cat appear to be inadvertently blocking the path of an eager dog. Most commonly appearing in hallways and stairways, watching dogs of all sizes petrified to cross paths with a loafing cat has got to be one of the funniest things you'll see all week. The best ones are definitely the boxer dogs and the rottweiler. Actually, I think my vote for best one definitely goes to the rottweiler. A notoriously scary looking dog, the rottweiler in the video takes zero hesitation to flee in fear from the might kitty-cat.

Seriously, you have to watch this video for all its hilarious moments and the satisfying ending!

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