Hilarious Cat Comics To Celebrate Over 20 Years Of Work From Scott Metzger

Scott Metzger, a proud cat owner, and cartoon genius has spent over 20 years creating single panel cartoons based on hilarious and adorable cats. He has been creating these illustrations since 1996 and has totally nailed what it's like to not only be a cat but see what life is like living with humans from a cats point of view. Scott says he mainly makes the comics because he enjoys making people laugh.

"It's a great feeling when a comic connects with people or if someone says they laughed out loud at a cartoon," he said in an interview. "A couple weeks ago, a woman emailed saying that she battles depression and my comics have made her laugh and feel better. That made my day." If you're wondering where his experience in all things based on cat logic comes from, it's because Scott has two cats himself, Hannah (13 years old) and Max (7 years old) both loving and adorable, and both rescues! 

See more of his work on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and at metzgercartoons.com

We cause trouble, not war.

Halloween in cat town!

Coming soon: My Human From Hell


It's the thought that counts!

I call it : Tornado Chic

It doesn't matter if it's full or empty if it's broken!

"Help! It's 3am and my human ignored my noisy running, WHAT DO I DO!?"

Do you have something to tell us, Dave?

I'll take one "Sorry I bit your face"

Catbook 101

Find it yourself, imbecile.

Sometimes when you have to lick, you have to lick.

And now... We wait...

Catastrophe in 3...2...1...

Feline hall of fame!

Production levels went down by 400% today... I wonder why?

Amazon needs to step things up and make "drop on pillow" an option.

Yes please, my kids would love that!

Flattery at its finest.

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