These Posts Show Cats Do Whatever They Want, Whenever They Want

Cats are very independent creatures. They do whatever they want, whatever they want. They live their lives with little regard for what anyone else wants. There's something inspiring about that. The fact that they know exactly what you want them to do, yet still refuse to do it is hilarious (and annoying). 

From deciding exactly when they want to be fed (and then refusing to give up until you feed them), to not sitting on the cat bed you bought especially for them and instead sitting next to it; cats are perfectly happy. They don't care what you think, or if they disappoint you; they're too busy sleeping, probably.

Seems reasonable to me

My friend's cat is an asshole. from r/funny

Why eat out of the bowl when you can eat out of the container above the bowl?

This is how my cat eats... from r/funny

No cat can resist a good box...

Fucking asshole.

These humans who spent good money on a replica sink so the cat wouldn't drink out of the sink. Only for the cat to continue to drink out of the actual sink.

"It's just like the sink" they said. Thirty dollars later and my cat is still an asshole.

This cat who knows EXACTLY what it is doing

My cat being a jerk, then laughing at me. from r/funny

The cat clearly understands the danger associated with the second (cool) bed.

Bought the cat a new cat bed

I'm not sure that's quite how it works; but you do you!

You're doing it wrong ... from r/cats

Wet paint signs should also be written in cat.

Cats are assholes! from r/funny

This cat who thinks it is the only baby in the household!

When your cat is your biggest fashion critic

These cats with zero concept of personal space.

Cats that don't care about your personal space

This cat who isn't in the festive spirit.

That's my spot from r/Floof

Bo, who knows exactly where he wants to be... in the microwave?

He does this all the time. I'll turn around to grab something and Bam! Bo is in the microwave. from r/cats

This cat who likes to put other things in the litter tray

Today my cats were especially assholes

Why sit on the cool and expensive platform when you can just sit under it?

That's it...I'm done..I am done buying things for my cat.

This cat who dictates when the paper towels are used!

Glad you find them so comfy... from r/funny

This cat who prefers the dustpan over the expensive cat bed.

$25 cat bed...but she chose the dust pan. from r/cats

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