The Surprising Truth Revealed About Your Cat's Sleeping Habits

Try as they might, our animals can't actually talk to us. In order for us to understand the messages they're sending us, we have to think outside the box and look at their behavior and habits to fully comprehend how they feel about us and their lives. Your cat's sleeping patterns and choices are no different and truthfully, the reasons why your cat sleeps near you reveal an awful lot about how they feel about you and what you mean to them.

If you've never pondered before why your kitty companion loves being so close to you then you've come to the right place for answers! We'll explain everything!

So, why does kitty sleep with you?

The easiest answer is the simplest answer: LOVE.

It's not hard to comprehend that as much as we love our kitty companions, they love us too! Snuggling up to us is a strong way of communicating their intense affection for us. Cuddling is most definitely an animal love language and cats are no exception!

But that's not the only reason your kitty loves to snuggle up with you!

Physical Comfort:

Physical comfort is a major reason why cats snuggle their owners. You are a warm and soft person, gently radiating heat that is perfect for your cat to curl up near, against, or completely on top of. They can purr the night away thanks to their favorite human in the universe! Let's face it, if you felt cold and lonely and could curl up against a giant lovable person who brought you joy and comfort and kept you warm and made you feel special, you absolutely would, wouldn't you? So of course that's why your cat does!


Another reason why your cat loves to snuggle up with you is for the togetherness and community you offer your feline friend. If you've ever had more than one cat at once (which let's face it: if you haven't ever owned more than one cat at a time you NEED to change that right away or in the near future because cats are too amazing not to have as many as safely possible!) then you've probably noticed they like to snuggle and cuddle together when they nap.

It's not that huge of a mystery, their memories of being in a pile of their kitten brothers and sisters snuggled up with  mama, the scent of milk nearby, it's a very comforting memory. Snuggling up with each other and with you, beloved owner, is very reminiscent for your cats of snuggly mama time! You're an important part of your cat's family now!

Emotional Comfort:

One of the biggest reasons your kitty wants to snuggle should come as no surprise: you comfort them. Cats are complex emotional creatures with a wide range of emotions, just like you and me. They can be angry, sad, scared, lonely, happy, nervous, excited, or anxious.

You get the picture. The thing is that when they're dealing with these negative emotions, YOU can be their place of comfort.

You calm them, love them, and make them feel so much better! It's no coincidence that the positive effects they have on you, you also have on them. If kitty is agitated, you may be the only way to make him feel better!

Why else might kitty sleep with you?

Well, they own you. You own them, but let's face it: they own you! They've marked you with their scent. They've marked your bed with their scent. That bed is just as much theirs as it is yours. You've probably noticed they tend to strut around like they own the place, right? They're convinced they DO own the place. Also, you're totally in denial if you don't realize the reality is they do own the place. It's not just in their head. Your home, your bed, and you yourself... you belong to your cat.

Your cat rules the world, specifically your world. Therefore, kitty deserves a crown.

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