12 Cats So Beautiful You'll Be Surprised To Know They Aren't Paintings, But Actual Cats

If you ask me, every cat in the world is beautiful. I am a self proclaimed cat fanatic, though. Despite my bias for the feline kind it is not an unpopular opinion that cats have deep souls and bring joy to the lives of humans everywhere. While every cat is beautiful in its own way some cats just break the mold. I've searched high and low and have found 12 cats so gorgeous it's unbelievable. Their eyes will pierce through to your soul and their fur is what envy is made of. 

Just wait until you see Number 10, you'll want a cat of your own (or maybe another cat of your own.)

1. Thor, the Bengal cat.

Thor's owner, Rani Cucicov, is one lucky individual because those piercing green eyes and that tiger-like fur makes this cat undeniably beautiful.

2. Smoothie the Cat

Sweet Smoothie has been dubbed the world's most photogenic cat and as a British Long hair with over 100k Instagram followers it's not hard to see why.

4. Coby, the cat with the eyes.

Coby is a British Shorthair with eyes so beautiful you can hardly look away.

5. This lovely Caracal

Ukraine photographer, Sergey Polyushko, photographed this cat and we can't get enough.

6. Iriss and Abyss

These twin cats are double the beauty.

7. Venus

Known as "Venus the Chimera Cat," this absolutely gorgeous cat has taken the Internet by storm.

8. Mimi

This gorgeous cat has the eyes and gentle, fluffy fur that my dreams are made of.

9. "Universe Cat"

This unbelievable cat made it's debut on reddit and her eyes pierce our soul.

10. Siberian Cats

Iconic levels of fluff and an unshakable ability to be photogenic, no list of beautiful cats could be complete without Siberian Cats.

11. The Main Coon

Perhaps one of the world's most majestic cats, the Main Coon will always have a spot on a list of beautiful cats.

12. This beautiful soul.

This feral cat was photographed by Sean Pan and her eyes will linger in your mind long after you shut your eyes for the night.

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