Cats on Catnip Fans Share Their Unique Cattoos Dedicated To Their Love Of Cats

Welcome to the world of Cat lovers, where we have come together on Facebook and joined in on sharing our stories to the group called Cats on Catnip. Please feel free to join our group and share stories of your own cat/s and cattoo/s!  Here is the link to join: click here.

Fresh out of the studio

This ones popular! Haha

This is Squeak she was solid gray with a white star on her chest and a droopy eye. My artist is amazing

I love it and even a year later I stare at it all the time haha

Sorry about my gross legs 😑 This is my Negora (catzilla) And my crossed eyed girl, Pissy

My kitties Jack and Teddy...Teddy passed away In January but now they can be together forever

Just had this one done on Saturday at PopCats Festival ❤️

just done the other day

Got mine in July! On Friday the 13th! Had to get my black cat on that date

'Featuring my baby boy Reggie'

This is mine....was done on Saturday...4 paws for my 4 babies

My shoulder for my black kitties.

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