The Best & Most Purr-fect Cat Tweets of 2019

First, lets not mince words. It's been a hard year for us cat lovers. First, we lost our beloved Grumpy Cat. Then, we lost our beloved Lil Bub. It's a lot to take in and a lot of mourning, isn't it? The spirits of some of the Internet's greatest cats live on through social media, though. We don't ever have to stop celebrating them, and we know that they'd want all the cats of the world to be celebrated because they're just as worthy!

Despite the low-lows of the year's losses, it's also been an absolutely incredible year for cats. We're counting down the best cat posts of the year, because it's the end of the year and that's what simply must be done. See if your favorites are here!

1. Suffocate, Hooman.

2. Heartwarming as heck.

This rescue kitten's smile darn near broke the internet.

3. Deceased

4. Poetic

5. The spicy sky raisin was delicious, but at what cost? Your dignity, sir.

6. A fashion legend among men.

8. Best Toy Ever

9. Paws the Presses, this cuteness simply must be observed with your own eyes.

10. Congratulations, your family has been C H O S E N

11. Good Gravy

12. "Wow, this human has some audacity to just show up."

13. Sneeze-ocalypse 2019

14. Same though

15. Purrfectly Precious

16. This is the opposite of a complaint. This is quality companionship and entertainment.

17. Look out Jimmy Page, this catto is coming for your title.

18. This is paws down, one of the most impressive things I've ever seen.

Cats are so smart.

19. I think I speak for all of us cat enthusiasts when I say, "I need this."

Good News! We can get them here.

20. "I felt that, bro."


22. This is the most cat thing that's ever happened

23. Toasty Beans

24. What a madman.

25. They've fooled you, pathetic mortal.

26. Amazing. Round of applause?

27. "I'll just take dis."


This was an absolutely hysterical moment, honestly. In case you missed it.

29. He's just doing his best.

30. Impressive, honestly.

31. A real cat dad doing real cat dad work. Bless him.

32. "Can you not?"

33. We're rooting for you, baby.

34. Stop! Very Important!

35. Who doesn't love a good cat kerplunk?

36. OH NO, this is too cute.

37. Better make friends not enemies with this cat.

38. He's just doing his BEST.

39. Thank you, my day IS much better every time I watch this.

40. Last, but certainly not least.

Who could forget this ICON?

What was your favorite cat moment of the year? Don't forget to share all this cat-tastic greatness with all the cat lovers in your life!

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