Cats Have Accomplished Their Missions On Planet Earth And Look Like They Are Being Called Back To The Mothership

Cats have been trying to take over planet earth for quite a long time and they're succeeding so far. Human beings are absolutely obsessed with cats, that's why 90% of the internet consists of cat pictures and videos.

It all started after cats left their home planet in search of new civilizations to colonize. They knew that human beings wouldn't be able to resist their sass and fluffy fur, so they immediately started sending cat agents to our planet and they were able to easily enslave us and make us want to adopt more of them.

We think that we own them, but they own us.

1. This one is glad he finally gets to go back home

2. Not prepared at all

3. "I've been waiting for the moment all my life"

4. Leaving With Style

5. The black cat on the left is so jealous

6. Can't stay balanced

7. This one is terrified

8. "I want you" How ironic

9. "My time had come"

10. Trying to find the closest exit

11. Some early abductees

12. Cat.exe has stopped working

13. To infinity and beyond!

14. He doesn't want to leave his friend behind

15. Such a majestic kitty

16. Peace out humans!

17. Caught completely off guard

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