Hilarious Photos Of Cats Who Are Less Than Pleased With The Doggos In Their Lives

The true tale as old as time: cats and dogs. The ultimate opposites. The prime example of enemies. Well, that's the story we've always been led to believe, isn't it? However, we know the truth is that cats and dogs often live in harmony together, albeit hilarious harmony. Sometimes they just spend their days avoiding each other, sometimes they snuggle together, and sometimes they are playful companions!

However, no matter to what degree the dogs and cats in your home get along, there are bad days. In fact, some of the hardest days are the days they meet! The salty look of pure, unadulterated hatred in your cat's facial expression is, well, priceless. And we're about to prove it.

When you bring home a puppy...

The surprise and anger between these two cats is absolutely hysterical.

Can you imagine?

You're a cat, minding your own business, and you go to nap in you favorite spot only to see this monstrosity waiting for you? The cat's face says it all.



I can hear the hiss in this photo.

"Go away, furry demon."


There is no escape.

"Look, cat, isn't he cute?"


The furry face-off.

The cat has the higher ground, he's basically won.

The cat's body language is threatening.

"I see a furry sausage that is gonna have to learn the hard way, cats rule and dogs drool."

All is good and fun...

Except the cat was clearly plotting revenge as this photo was taken.

A photo depiction of a cat's murderous intent.

Have you ever seen a saltier cat?

Not all boops are created equal.

The cat looks confused.

Another visual representation of murderous intent.

That cat is ready to snap.

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