Photos That Prove Cats Will Do Everything In Their Power To Stop You From Finishing Your Puzzle

Trying to do something useful with your life while having a cat is an impossible thing to do. If they aren't constantly the center of attention, they will destroy anything that is keeping you from giving them your undivided attention. It's just how a cat's brain works. 

Solving puzzles is a great way to kill time and relax. However, if you happen to have a cat, solving a puzzle will pretty much turn into your worst nightmare. Even if you happen to be an absolute master at solving puzzles. 

Cats and puzzles just don't mix, they will do everything in their power to stop you from finishing them. You will never be able to stop them...

1. "My Cat, Deeply Asleep With The Last Piece Of A Jigsaw Puzzle. We've Been Searching For It For 10 Minutes"

2. "We Tried To Kitten Proof The Puzzle, But She's Tenacious"

3. "Oh, You Wanted To Start A Puzzle? I Don't Think So"

4. "So I Was Going To Work On My Puzzle"

5. "Yeah we both know that's not going to happen hooman"

6. "These 3D Puzzles Are So Lifelike"

7. "Spent A Week On This Puzzle"

8. "Left My Office Door Open For One Minute And I Hear A Crash"

9. Perfect spot to nap in

10. "Why I Lock Him Out Of The Room When Doing A Puzzle: Exhibit A"

11. "When You Simply Must Get Underneath The Puzzle"

12. "My Niece's Cat Lucy "Helping" Her With Her Puzzle. Almost A Year Old, She Is The Cutest Little Stinker"

13. Literally 0 f**ks given

14. "Lots Of Puzzles Happening At Our House! Toby Has Discovered He Likes Doing Them Too"

15. "So Try And Finish Your Puzzle Now Peasant"

16. "Say Hi To Betts! And Goodbye To The 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle I Had Almost Completed"

17. "That's My Table Hooman"

18. "Today We Did A Puzzle"

19. "Puzzle Blocked"

20. Totally ready to destroy your puzzle

21. "Snowy - Destroyer Of Worlds"

22. "How Dare We Try To Do A Puzzle In Her Throne Room"

23. "I Was 5 Puzzle Pieces Away When Disaster, Or Should I Say Momo, Struck"

24. "Give It To Me, I’ll Put It In The Right Spot"

25. "I’m not good at puzzles, but I got obsessed with this beautiful puzzle over the break. This morning, I woke up to my cats’ destruction."

26. "First Attempt Of At A Puzzle With Two Cats"

27. "The Reason Why It Takes Us Forever To Finish A Puzzle"

28. "Thessaly Is Puzzle Now"

29. "I Always Want To Be Center Of Attention"

30. "Bad Kitty! He Is Obsessed With Ruining Our Puzzle"

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