Hilarious Pictures Perfectly Depicting The Endless Battle Between Cats And Sinks

Cats and sinks are natural enemies, even though this dispute is only one-sided. Cats seem to be so intrigued and interested in sinks, they never miss the opportunity to mess with them and abuse them as they see fit. But I don't think they have anything against sinks, they're just following the common cat phrase "If it fits I sits", it's just that sinks happen to be multifunctional so they catch cats off guard which makes them react in the most random ways possible. Cats are just weird, they're from another planet, but we still love them to death, that's just how things are.

1. Seductive cat

2. He's sitting like a human

4. He just wants to drink some water

3. You're disturbing my bath, go away

5. He doesn't approve of the water's temperature

6. Don't even dare

7. Yoga Kitty

8. He's in heaven

9. Look how flexible

10. Stuck and shocked

11. He's deeply sad

12. What have you done to me you evil human

13. He will probably murder his human tonight

14. How dare you

15. He kinda looks like a rat

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