These People Insisted They Didn't Want Cats But It Turned Out They Were Totally Wrong

When Ruby tweeted out about her dad, who didn't want a cat, falling in love with her cats, a metric butt ton of people went, "same." It's a tale as old as time, a grumpy family member thinks that the last thing on the planet they need or want in life is another critter to care for, least of all the animal variety. At the top of the supposedly unwanted list? Cats. People always think they hate cats, but if you think you hate cats you just haven't met the right cat, yet.

It's practically impawsible to truly hate cats and these animals all proved their humans wrong for thinking they didn't want or need them in their lives.

1. Their the bets of pals.

2. A Fine Perch, Indeed.

3. Dad is a crazy dog dad, now.

4. If that's what hate looks like, we need more of it.

5. Spoon Feeding. SPOON. FEEDING.

6. You thought wrong, and it's a difficult price to pay.

7. If you don't want either of them then you definitely need both of them.

8. No animals you say? I'll raise you two kittens.

9. True Love

10. Thanks, I love this.

11. Precious!

12. "MINE NOW."

13. Good job, dad.

14. Who rules the world? Cats rule the world.

15. Karma? I guess.

16. Oops.

17. His mind was changed.

18. Very important task.

19. Just in case, it's educational.

20. No cats. No dogs. BOTH.

21. Purrfectly Precious.

22. "Look at you, you're beautiful."

23. Oh yes, clearly.

24. Happy Family

25. Socialization

26. Purrfect Cuddle Puddle Puss

27. Never say never.

28. Cuddle Buddies.

29. Worth it.

30. Sorry pal, I'm not buying it.

Did your cat transform the life of anyone in your home? Share pictures and stories with us in the comments!

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