Wholesome Stories About Cats That Will Brighten Any Dull Day

Cats are super weird. We all know this. Unlike dogs they seem to have an agenda entirely of their own and without the ability to speak English but a strong desire to communicate they will do their very best to use their bodies and mouths to let you know what's going on.

Any cat owner will tell you that cats can do some of the most quirky stuff you will ever see an animal do. From bringing you 'gifts' in the form of dead animals to screaming at you for hours on end when you have absolutely no idea what they want, cats are a furry, angry gift from God.

Here are a few stories from the internet to explain what I'm talking about here.

Looks cute right? It's a trap.

Overly dramatic.

A little bit over the top.

She could've just moved it?


This post gave me some sort of serious illness.

Screaming cats.

Smart kitties.

They just want what's best!

Care giver.

Mutually beneficial relationship.

Very passive aggressive.



Spent too much time with her cat.

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