These Cats All Have Very Important Jobs

No, the title is not misleading. These adorable cats have jobs and they're very important jobs, too! However, the professionalism of their job status might be a matter of purrspective. For you see, the cats cannot tell us their job titles so we can only make logical assumptions based on the nature of photos, videos, and gifs submitted for such a thing.

With the combined abilities of creativity and the internet, we have deduced these cats do indeed have jobs and they are very important. Furthermore, we've appropriately titled their jobs, sometimes with the help of Reddit and r/catswithjobs. Enjoy!

1. The best inspectors are paws on.

2. "Waffle is our in-house librarian."

3. "A Small Entrepreneur"

s m o l

4. Miso is trying her paw at "Baker."

5. Cinematographer

"She's working on her directorial debut."

6. Catnip Hustler

7. "Professional Bass Tuner"

8. "Supervisor"

Eyes in the skies.

9. A Secretary

"This is Crouton speaking, how may I help you today?"

10. "Professional Present Wrapper"

11. "Quita works at an elderly care company and always ensures she is part of the interview panel."

12. Handy Cat, ready to service your home repair needs.

13. "Loaf Guardian of the Tree"

14. "Paperwork Assistant Manager"

15. Maid

She takes tips in belly rubs and Catnip

16. "Radio Purrsonality"

17. A hat

18. Office Manager

"Lily is managing the office like a boss."

19. Security Guard

Plaque-worthy purrformance

20. Game Tester

Very important.

21. "Pocket Protector"

22. Peeping Tom

23. A lampshade

24. Train Ticket Reader

Sleeping on the job.

25. An Electrical Apprentice

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