Adorable Photos Of Cats With Their Kittens That Will Bring Happiness To Anyone's Day

Parenthood seems a lot like the blind leading the blind, you're not really sure if you should show them your bad habits but, at the same time, you know those skills that got you in trouble were important to your growing it. It's a blessing if your child is just like you, or is it a curse? That depends if you were the kind of trouble that's funny or the kind that made your own parents tare their hair out. 

If you'd like that experience without having a child of your own check out these photos of cat parents teaching their babies the ins and outs of life, in the most adorable ways possible! Look through these photos and try your hardest not to melt at the cuteness!

1. Prime Sleeping Position To Attack Nearby Feet

2. Here Is Where The Food Comes From Little One

3. My Jellybean Will Soon Be The Bringer Of Death!

4. More Sleep. Always More Sleep

5. Blinds Are For Playing In!

6. Smooches!

7. Kittens Very First "If I Fits, I Sits."

8. One Day You'll Have Ears Like Mine...

9. If Someone Says You've Had Enough Sleep, They're Wrong.

10. Shhh!

11. Everything The Light Touches Simba

12. Watching... Waiting...

13. Is It Nap Time Again Yet?

14. And This Is How We Loaf

15. Judgmental Stare = Nailed.

16. You Can't Get Much More Identical That These Two!

17. Wait... Yes You Can.

18. More. Naps.

19. Small Kitten Learns The Art Of The Slow Blink

20. We Sits. We Watch. We Judge.

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