Catvengers And Justice Cats: Marvel And DC Superheroes Crossed Over With Cats

Cat people are digging their claws in all sorts of places. Most recently, they have invaded the superhero fandoms. The only way to make two of the biggest movie fandoms bigger, is to add one of the biggest animal loving groups; the cat lovers. Just when you thought all the Marvel hype was over, Indonesian concept artist and illustrator, Fajareka Setiawan, has imagined what our favourite superheroes would look like if they were felines.

The pictures he has created truly are purrfect, and the characters they are based on are easily distinguishable with their telltale characteristics and costumes. If you like his work, make sure to check out his Instagram, Portfolio, and DeviantArt pages for more astounding artwork like these.


Okay but I might actually be okay with this cat ruling the Universe?


Cats love chasing spiders, but what if they could become one?


The only way to make a cat more powerful is it make it enjoy swimming.

Venom Cat

@Marvel hire this guy for the concept art for your next film!


*cue the cat swatting police cars around as if they were... ants...*


Honestly the only way these actual movies could be made better is if they were exclusively cats.

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