Barney The Cemetery Cat Was Such A Caring Kitty He Consoled Mourners For 20 Years


Sweet Barney the cat was a kitty of extraordinary empathetic ability. His residence: St. Sampson's Parish Church cemetery, located on the island of Guernsey off the coast of England. He has died of old age at 20 years old. 

"I started working at the cemetery in 1995 and Barney was born in 1996. His owners lived in the house right next door and they were there for three or four years but then moved a mile away," Alan Curzon, the groundskeeper, said. When his owners moved, Barney just kept coming back to the cemetery. He loved it so much, that they built a little home for him there. 

"He was a complete sweetheart, he loved everyone who came through the cemetery. He would wait with me at the gate when we did burials and he would make himself known to the newcomers and he gave a lot of comfort to people. He would rub against their legs as they placed flowers on the graves."

Barney was known for being very sensitive to people's needs.

He loved to help people feel better.

He had a simple home at the cemetery and was happy with his life.

When he died, the whole town mourned his loss.

Here's Barney all ready for Christmas :)

Alan Corzon visiting his furry friend.

Making his rounds.

Fittingly so, Barney is now buried in a special plot in the cemetery. People can visit with him once again. RIP sweet guy!

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Clara Diaz
Clara Diaz

November 07, 2018

Barney’s twin, Ewok, lived with me, also 20 years. He was a true cat’s cat! Loved everyone. How much he is missed – just like Barney!

Lisa Peters
Lisa Peters

November 07, 2018

Made me cry! What a sweet boy, Im glad he had a good home. And burying him there was a good way to honor him. Wish I could have met him, I like to walk in cemetaries, having a cat walk with me would have been a plus. (cuz I lov cats) Goodbye Barney😿

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