Chaos And Havoc Are Two Cat Brothers That Just Love Living Up To Their Names

Giving your pet their name is a really fun thing to do, but it's a tedious job at the same time because you want their name to be the best it can be. The other important thing is that you want their name to suit only them.

Whether you name them after their fur color or their personality, it still stays a hard job to do. Some people search the internet for days and think out horrible names at the same time to find their new pet a name.

Well, these two kitties have the most perfect names and boy, do they live up to them. May I present to you cat brothers, Chaos and Havoc! These two just love causing mischief wherever they go.

Their owners even started an Instagram page for them and you know what their bio reads? "We were adopted from a local shelter at 9 months old and have been causing mayhem ever since."

Their owners absolutely adore them and love them to bits! And they receive a comedy show each and every day as a bonus. 

"I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure Havoc just wants to cuddle and Chaos is wondering how much catnip he had to have to get here."

The two mischief makers have another sibling and they even try to get him involved in their antics. 

The gang of mischief

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Three kittens walked into a bar...

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Have a look at some of the hilarious things they do!

Even though they cause chaos and havoc wherever they go, they also need to take a break now and then. 

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