This 'Chimera' Kitty Is The Most Adorable Anomaly To Ever Exist

If you're anything like me, until today you've never seen a cat quite so beautiful in all your life! If you're not, you know exactly who Venus is! 

Venus is a chimera cat, and she is also one of the most famous felines on the entire planet. Fit with her own Instagram page.

What's a chimera cat you ask?

Chimera cats are often referred to as 'two faced', their face has a straight fur-line down the middle, one side is black while the other is most often tabby orange.

However, Miss Venus and her 2 million followers better watch out, because a gorgeous long haired kitty named Quimera is in town and she's proud!

Quimera and her owners are from Argentina, AND she has an instagram as well! @gataquimera

This ball of gorgeous fluff is sure a sight to see!

One eye looks like a raw amber stone, while the other looks like a crisp ocean wave on a sunny day.

Her deep features run down her center to her chest, then criss cross and flip sides. Such unique markings!

Quimera has built up a 88k+ following on instagram, but she would never know it! Some of her fans have even gone so far as to create portraits of her!

But at the end of the day, she's still just a kitty packed full of love!

Have you ever seen a cat like this before? Let us know in the comments!

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