After The Internet Went Absolutely Crazy Over This Chonky Cat, He Finally Finds a Forever Home

In case you didn't already know, the internet is owned and controlled by cats. And there are certain cats that make it just that little bit extra awesome.

Mr. B is a very special 26 pounds cat who was introduced by a Philadelphia animal shelter called Morris Animal Refuge, they challenged the internet's love for cats by announcing that Mr. B was looking for a forever home and the internet obliged.

Here's the original Tweet

Look at this chonk! Isn't he the cutest?

No one expected this Tweet to blow up, it quickly gathered 14.5k retweets and over 50k likes!

Morris Animal Refuge ended up picking a forever home for the two-year-old chonk after careful consideration.

The shelter's website even ended up crashing after receiving so many adoption requests.

Mr. B’s internet fame is not over now that he found a new home, you can still follow his Instagram account and check up on your favorite chonk from time to time

His Instagram handle is "chonkymrb"

Welcome Home Mr. B!

“We saw this Instagram photo four hours after it was posted (this is actually the very screenshot I took when I saw him, and we agreed instantly we loved BeeJay already). Here’s to sharing Mr. B’s story (keeping his name and still calling him BeeJay, too!) We’ve got a long way to go and plenty to share (he’s doing great, btw!)” wrote the new owners.

Such a lovely cat

Here's the internet reaction to Mr. B:

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