Cat Gave Their Owner The Best Present Last Year By Giving Birth Under The Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time of wonder and magic! But none more so for than Danielle Lopez. One Christmas, Lopez heard a soft meowing from under the tree and just assumed it was her cat. Upon closer inspection, however, she discovered it was a newborn kitten!

Lopez had got her rescue cat, Tink, three months earlier. If Lopez hadn't taken Tink, who was all bones, home, the poor cat probably wouldn't have survived for much longer. Tink moved in with Lopez's other cat, Sagwa, who became the father of Tink's kittens. Luckily for us, Lopez decided to take some pictures to commemorate the beautiful Christmas miracle!

Lopez's tweet sharing the moment!

Given that they were born under the Christmas tree, the kittens were all given adorable festive names; Noel, Joy, Christmas, and Faith.

Look how cute!

Best Christmas present!

Truly a Christmas miracle!

Check out a video of the magical experience here!

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