Chonky Catto Is On A Long-Awaited Weight-loss Journey To Get Him Healthy and Happy

When Cinderblock's video appeared on Reddit, people went absolutely bonkers. The super fat, grey cat was trying out a high-tech exercise routine for the first time, ever, and seemed... less than pleased. In the video, a voice can be heard asking Cinderblock, "are you working out?" Cinderblock responds with an indignant mew.

It's only natural for cat lovers to become immediately concerned when a cat pops up as obese as Cinderblock, but her story is not so nefarious and instead is rather hopeful and uplifting. As the world will watch Cinderblock on her weightloss journey thanks to the dedicated efforts of Northsore Veterinary Hospital, we hope she knows we are all rooting for her.

Reddit user finngraf chimed in when the video hit r/awww by saying:

Cinderblock was surrendered to a vet in my town in the last week or so. She is clinically obese and is currently undergoing a prescription and physical therapy regimen to get back into shape!

In an interview with HuffPost, veterinarian Brita Kiffney said of Cinderblock that she is, "extremely affectionate, she purrs whenever you talk to her, she’s very sweet."

The fatto catto's name was originally merely Cinder, but block was added because it was quite fitting of the fluffy feline. How did Cinder get so chonky? Reddit user mostofasia answers:

Cinder was my late grandfather's cat until earlier this year. He was in poor health at 93 years old and Cinder took full advantage, gaining quite a bit of weight (as you can see!). My aunt took cinder in when my grandfather passed and had some success with diets, but ultimately decided to relinquish her to the experts in the interest of cinders health. We always called her "meatball" but cinderblock is definitely more clever! We can't believe she's blowing up on the internet now, but I'm sure my grandpa would be happy she's bringing joy to so many people!

Cinderblock's viral video of the sweet puss not really walking has highlighted the incredible technological advancements of modern veterinarian medicine. Reddit users elaborated on why this method of exercise was so great for her, saying:

The water raises poor cinder’s buoyancy, taking the strain off her legs and allowing her to exercise longer and more effectively.


...the method takes advantage of Cinder’s existing buoyancy. Also, this is an introductory amount of water to get Cinder comfortable and prevent her from laying down.

Oh lawd he comin'

Dr. Kiffney also told HuffPost, "that it’s equally important that cats lose weight gradually, since cutting a cat’s food too drastically can lead to fatty liver disease and liver failure." She also recommends, "that anyone whose cat needs to lose weight work with a vet to create a health plan."

And now, the world cheers Cinder on.

People everywhere are finding the fat cat relatable as heck.

And even better? Cinderblock is inspiring people, too.

Same, we're so invested in you Cinderblock!!

And can we all just appreciate the love-hate relationship going on?

I guess a lot of us "know this feel."

You can follow Cinderblock's weight-loss journey and cheer her on by following the incredible team at Northshore Veterinary Hospital's Instagram.

Cinderblock approves:

Thanks for all the attention. I'm eating it up.

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