Cats On Catnip Fans Love Showing Off Their Cats' Beautiful Eyes

Here at Cats on Catnip we pawsitively love featuring unique and beautiful cats as often as possible. We are always finding it delightful to interact with our fans and their cats on Facebook and Instagram! Sometimes we get the opportunity to interview cats and their humans and share their stories with our followers. Truthfully, it is one of the best parts of the job.

One of the cooler things we get to see is when we highlight a cool cat, the fans love to share, too! Recently, we shared our story about Pickley the Cat. He has some of the most stunning, emerald-green eyes we have ever seen, and you guys LOVE Pickley... and you love showing off your kitties and their own beautiful eyes.

1. "Danny has gorgeous eyes as well"

- Ashley T.

2. "My cat Stormy had beautiful green eyes."

- Heather N.

3. "This boy’s eyes change depending on lighting, sometimes they look hazel, other times green"

- Amelia P.

4. "Betty my diva"

- Christopher and Mark

5. "Sometimes they're green. Sometimes they're yellow. Either way, Greebo is my beautiful house panther."

- Gemma T.

6. "my baby girl Cloud giving me the "look" on sunny days her eyes are half blue"

- Bill I.

7. "My pretty Penny’s green eyes."

- Cari S.

8. "Our boys eyes are glowing!"

- Viki I.

9. "My little guys eyes match his fur"

- Autumn S.

10. "My cat kang has some pretty bright eyes (this is pulled off my insta so it's kinda saturated, but his eyes are pretty much the same just a bit less bright)"

- Todd T.

11. "My boy Richard Parker has pretty intense eyes"

- Paul S.

12. "Boxer and her gorgeous green eyes"

- Kerry M.

13. "This dork has some pretty fancy eyes, though getting a photo of him with his eyes open is near-Impossible."

- Bex S.

14. "Maddie the Madster and her beautiful green eyes!!"

- Cry B.

15. "My cat Shirley had really green eyes. I miss her"

- Jennifer F.

16. "Yes! My very own baby girl. <3"

- Helen G.

17. "My sweet boy with his yellow eyes."

- Bella G.

18. "Our fur baby’s eyes turn different shades of blue depending on the weather"

- Albina V.

19. "These ones look at me everyday!"

- Brett S.

20. "My pretty princess Shadow and her teal eyes."

- Cynthia L.

21. "Sometimes her eyes are more green and other times more blue ♡"

- Jessica K.

22. "She has blueish yellow eyes. Some days they look yellow and emerald. Harley Quinn aka The Bag Diva."

- Akera J.

23. "My boy, Fritz"

- Judi S.

24. "This stray kitten born under my house."

- Melissa M.K.

25. "Charlie & her beautiful green eyes with brown flecks"

- Jackie B.

26. "My eyes are pretty too!"

Check out Teeny Dina on Facebook.

27. "My gizmo has such beautiful blue eyes"

- Whitney H.

28. "Just sharing my cat's tho he doesn't have green eyes haha"

- Mateo M.

29. "I have sapphire blue. These intense emerald green eyes are amazing xx"

- Megan D.S.

30. "My little Dolly looks beaut with her orange eyes"

- Sarah S.

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