Check Out Coco The Leopard: An Adventure-Loving Snow Bengal Cat

Blogs and Instagram accounts dedicated to appreciating cats is a subject near and dear to us at Cats On Catnip, so we can't help but appreciate Coco the Leopard all the more! Coco is an 8-9 year old Snow Bengal cat living in Spain, and together with his human they run Meow Feature, where every day they appreciate some of the most beautiful cats on Instagram. Coco's human thought Meow Feature was so much fun and going so well, "why not create a Coco account too? Apart from seeing photos of other cats, I could also share my own, and that the world could meet Coco. I joined my biggest tastes in one: cats, photography, and social media."

With that in mind, they also told us, "I thought that creating an account for my cat would help me to improve my photographic skills, to improve my English level, and above all, to have fun and have a distraction."

So, Coco's human made the Instagram Coco the Leopard, and it kicked off to a great start. He told us:

On December 7, 2018, I opened Coco’s account, and received a lot of support from the start, getting more than 100 followers a day and many loyal fans.

We asked Coco's human how Coco joined his life and family:

When we found Coco, it was October 2010. My family was having a picnic in the country, and I was playing with my cousins ​​not far from them. While my cousins ​​and I were playing, I heard some meows, and I wanted to get closer to see if there were any kittens, but my cousins ​​said it was my imagination.
A while later, my mother called us screaming with a voice of emotion. We went where she was, and there was Coco with her, a kitten about 2 months, white like a baby snow leopard and with bright blue eyes. Since then, I was the greatest lover of animals that could exist, so I caught his affection in just a few minutes.

Truly, Coco's incredibly blue eyes are like diamonds on her soft, white and leopard printed fur. Who wouldn't be taken in by such mesmerizing eyes?

My mother told me that I had to pick up the things I was playing with, so I went to do it. While I was going, I heard more meows, they came near a tree. I approached, and saw a cat which looked like a small tiger. I took it to my family. Apparently, the kittens were brothers, and some people would have left them there because they could not take care of them. My uncles took the striped kitten home, and days later they gave it to a farmer who had a huge field, where her animals could enjoy. I took Coco to my house, and he stays with us until now, living his best life!

Today, Coco's human has tons of funny, delightful stories to share about his sweet, adventure-loving kitty cat.

A month ago, my family and I had weekend plans. I went to the countryside with my friends, and my father and my sister went to the beach. Since we had different plans, I left home before them, and went to my friend's house, where we had met. When my friends and I were about to leave, I received a call from my father. He said he could not find Coco anywhere in the house. Then, I had to go back to my house to look for him, thanks to my father's insistence.
I arrived home, and I started looking for him; under the beds, behind the sofa, under the tables and chairs, in the laundry room, in the shower, in the corners of the house... But I could not find him. I started to worry if he was not at home, but I kept searching for him. I do not know how it crossed my mind that he could be in the closet, so I opened it, and it was in there sleeping on top of my clothes! That was a tremendous relief, and finally he was able to go to the beach with my family and me to the countryside.

One summer, Coco's family took a visit to Morocco:

To enter Morocco (from Spain), you have to cross a car border with strong controls, and for a pet to pass, it was a tremendous mess; so we hid Coco so he could go unnoticed. When we had to show the papers to the police, it started to smell really bad because coco had been pooping, and was meowing. The police asked us where the smell came from and why he was hearing meows. My mother said that the smell was because my sister had pooped (she was 9 years old, lol), and that the meows were coming from my mobile phone, since I was watching a cat video. In the end, the police believed it, and we crossed the trail succesfully.

Lots of cats like small toys, but Coco doesn't particularly fancy them himself:

Coco has never been a cat that liked toys very much. He has always preferred to play games with me instead. Many times we bought him toys, such as mouses that made noise, feathers, and much more, but it seemed that he did not like them very much.

But that doesn't mean that Coco doesn't enjoy playing!

We played games with him without toys.
Although there is something that he loves to play with, but it is not a toy... What I mean is the mobile phone charger! He loves to play with it! In fact, he has broken several playing with them.

Truly though, Coco has a face you could never be or stay mad at, whether he broke your phone charger or not!

Coco and his human are happy to share their photos and adventures on Instagram, too:

Today I have more than 13,000 followers who love Coco, support me, and appreciate my daily work.

You can support Coco by following him on Instagram! And you can check out all the beautiful cats, Coco included, as they are shared daily on Meow Feature.

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