We Seriously Cannot Get Enough Of These Hilarious Cats

I don't know about you, but I can't imagine a life without cats. They are the missing puzzle piece that changes absolute misery into a life of delight and joy. It's only natural that being this happy on a daily basis is the sort of thing we want to share with the world and that's probably why cats quickly became the ultimate Internet sensation, a sentiment that has lingered over the last few decades as Internet popularity boomed and inevitably became an essential part of our daily routine.

It should come as no surprise, then that a daily viewing of funny cats became as important as brushing our teeth!

1. "I Shall Sing You The Song Of My People"


2. "Cabbit"

This is one of the cutest photos I've ever seen.

3. "Skinny Cat Vs Fat Cat (Snow Edition)"


4. "The Council Has Spoken"

I wonder what the council determined.

5. "Am I A Joke To You, Brenda?"

With a face like this, who could blame the humans for making a bunch of pillows?

6. "Movie Vs Real Life"

This cat is plotting the murder of her humans, without a doubt.

7. "My Cat When He Thinks There's No One Home"

He's making the best of his situation.

8. "Another Proof That Cats Are Liquid"

We gotta keep track of the proof for scientific literature.

9. "Who’s That?"

I guess you can never fully prepare the fur-babies for the human baby.

10. "My Mom’s Cat Looks Like She’s Wearing A Fancy Sweater"

It's called fashion.

11. "Hmmm"

Sometimes all things line up purr-fectly.

12. "It Worked!"


13. "All Aboard The Catbus"

Sign me up.

14. "This Cat Has A Heart-Shaped Marking"


15. "I've Been Allergic My Whole Life To Cats. I've Finally Built Up Enough Of An Immunity Through Injections. Reddit, Please Welcome My First Rescue Kitty, Legolas"

With the right amount of determination, anything is pawsible.

16. "I Thought This Deserved To Be Shared"

Here's Johnny!

17. "When I Was Younger I Had Dreams Of Being This Hardcore Gangster Rapper... I Guess Things Change"

Change for the best, there is nothing more badass than rescuing a tiny kitten.

18. "Guys Look What I Made!!! It Took Weeks But It's A Yarn Ball Cat House!!!!!"

This is epic as heck! I dare you not to laugh at the last photo, though.

19. "Sergeant Meow"

Serious business.

20. "My Cat Mr. Puss Looks Like A Snail When He Poops"

He looks like he's judging you.

21. "Count Catula The Vampire Cat Claims Another Victim"


22. "My Cat Admiring My Pregnant Wife"

Cats love pregnancy.

23. "My Fiancé And Our Cat, Catching Flies"

How do our kitties manage to be just like us?

24. "Well If You Don't Eat The Raw Dead Birds He Brings, This Is The Next Logical Step"

Most definitely logical.

25. "Waiting For Food"

Purr-fectly patient.

26. "Where Did That Lil Rascal Go?"

Cat camouflage.

27. "Mistakes Were Made"

Regret is universal.

28. "Went To Volunteer At The Humane Society, And The Security Bag Check Was Pretty Intense"

Gotta investigate thoroughly.

29. "A Sheep Cat...a Shat? A Sheep Kitty...a Shitty?"

I don't know exactly how this happened but I'm not even mad, I'm actually impressed.

30. "My 1.5yr Old Son And 14yr Old Cat Had A Moment This Morning"

He who says cats are not affectionate does know know jack about cats.

31. "My Office Lets Me Bring My Cat To Work, So I Bought Him Some Ties"

From business casual to business professional.

32. "I Put My Cat Under A Cover That Looks Just Like Him"

If you don't look close enough you'll just see a never ending cat and I can support that.

33. "An Ordinary Bus In Istanbul"

Istanbul loves cats.

34. "A Surprise Kiss"

Pucker up, Buttercup.

35. "Today I Found Out I Can’t Have Kids, But It’s Fine Because My Cat Is Cuter Than Any Baby I Could Ever Have"


36. "He Looks Like Both, Lion And A Cat"

He's handsome and majestic.

37. "Instructions Were Unclear"

Proof that there is no end to the potential hilarity.

38. "Well, I Guess I May As Well Cancel My Plans For The Day. I'm Not Going Anywhere"

Worth it.

39. "These Cats"

There's got to be an easier way of eating, furry friends.

40. "My Cat Furgus. He Also Doubles Up As A Step"

This is the ultimate attempt to murder your human.

41. "So Smol. So Smug"


42. "Sandra Can You Open The Door Bit Of A Situation Here"

Sometimes cats regret their sassy exit for the day.

43. "I'm Terribly Sorry, Madam. I Have Absolutely No Idea Where He Learned That Word"

I'm so embarrassed.

44. "Bought A Couch From Craigslist, Heard Noises Coming From It After Bringing It Home. Cut It Open And Found A Cat"


45. "This Cat Looks Like A Gruff Old Kung Fu Master"

He could definitely kick my butt.

46. "My Son Has Loved My Cat Since The Day He Was Born. She Tolerates That Love In A Way I Never Thought Possible"

Best friends for life.

47. "Not Missing An Opportunity"

Scritches and Scratches.

48. "This Guy Found The Best In The Park Place To Rest"

Only a cat could make statues look this cozy.

49. "My Dog Loves Laying In The Bathtub, And My Cat Loves Laying On My Dog"

If it's cozy, it's cozy and this sure looks cozy!

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