Cat Developed A Rare Condition That Changed Its Fur Color Over Time

Every once in a while the internet discovers some truly incredible animals who are both absolutely adorable and unbelievably unique, more often than not that animal is a cat.

An example of this is an adorable cat from Germany named Elli who (along with her sister) was adopted from a dirty farm. In March 2017, about a year after her birth due to a medical condition, Elli's fur started to change colour, turning more and more snow white over time until eventually she was almost completely white except for a few patches. The story behind Elli and her condition is incredible and worth a read.

"She had a tuxedo coat like her sister. Nothing unusual," her owner, Nicole Böhm said in an interview. "The changing began about one year after birth."

Böhm one time noticed that Elli's black patches of fur now had speckles of white where there wasn't before.

Elli's Diagnosis

"It was just a little white spot on her back," Böhm said. "I didn't know why, so I took her to the vet."

Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo.  Vitiligo is a rare condition that results in the lack of pigment and shows itself in the form white patches. Vitiligo is usually linked to other medical conditions. Elli however was otherwise completely healthy.

Over time Elli lost more and more pigment until she was more white than before.

"I was surprised," Böhm said. "I'm still surprised."

A beautiful cat either way.

Böhm says that Elli continues to whiten and that the transformation has made her enjoy spending her life with Elli even more. Elli remains completely healthy despite the rapid pigment change. Elli's sister hasn't changed a bit and remains friendly with Elli.

"Her changing still goes on every day, and I love her more and more," she said.

You can follow Elli on her instagram under the username @elli.vitiligo or on facebook at

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