10+ Hilarious Comics That Illustrate Perfectly What It's Like To Have a Cat

Being a cat owner is not easy at all, it requires a lot of patience and self-control. A lot of people think that they own cats, but in the reality, it's the exact opposite because if you really observe a cat owner's life and how they behave next to their cats, you'll notice that the cat's life is far superior to its owner'.

It's the owner's (aka slaves) fulltime job is to take care of that little ball of fur. These comics pretty much sum up the life of a cat owner, a lot of cat owners will be able to relate to most of the comics below.

Credit: seebangnow (https://www.instagram.com/xibang)

1. You'll never stop being ugly hooman

2. Not today b*tch

3. A death trap

4. They don't want to be bothered

5. Cats are eternally cute

6. Catumus supremus doesn't not approve of this

7. Feed Me pls

8. He controls everything

9. They pick the most expensive shoes too

10. He wants to sacrifice him

11. A violent hug

12. Your career is over buddy

13. Cat apparel is the best

14. How dare you touch me

15. It's not safe

16. Not today

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