Artist Shares Her Life With Her Fiancé and Their Four Cats Through These Hilarious Comics That We Can't Get Enough Of

When you have a really strong connection with someone, you don't have to fake it anymore because life is not a movie and you can't allow anyone to dictate to you how romance should be. Sarah Graley's 'Our Super Adventure' is a comic diary that tells the story of her long-term relationship. The series perfectly demonstrate that couples only need only each other's company in order to be happy, and not to forget, four cats too.

Around eight years ago, Sarah met her partner Stef for the first time ever:

 "I was making plush ghosts for an indie punk band that we both really like (Johnny Foreigner, they're great and you should check them out!), and the band advertised a link to my Tumblr page and we ended up meeting through Tumblr pretty much," she told Bored Panda. "A few years later we went on a first date and the rest is history! Stef recently proposed to me on our seventh anniversary which was super sweet!"

"I grew up with cats, so when me and Stef started renting a house together, it didn't take long for us to come to the decision that we'd love to get cats of our own," Sarah added. "We got Pesto and Toby in October 2013, and they were sisters from the same litter. A year or so later, Pesto got pregnant and had a litter of four - we kept Wilson and Pixel." Their relatives adopted the rest of them.

Sarah came up with the idea to start 'Our Super Adventure' and used it as a tool that will allow her to document the little moments in her relationship, which really resonated with people. 

"We talk to loads of people at comic shows and online who tell us that they do the silly stuff we do in the comics as well and that's really sweet! I think there are a lot of playful nerdy relationships in the world and it's nice to know there's a bunch of people out there in relationships with their best pal who have a friendly sense of humor in their companionship."

We must also mention that the first 'Our Super Adventure' book is going to be re-released by Oni Press in March 2019. It's going to be titled "Our Super Adventure: Press Start To Begin", and it's kind of a second version of the 'Our Super Adventure' collection, "Video Games and Pizza Parties," is a special first edition that was funded on Kickstarter!

1. You just have to cancel everything after that happens

2. It's a small world

3. We don't have to go anywhere anymore

4. Just accept your fate

5. Unconditional love

6. Disaster avoided

7. False alarm

8. Even the cat is surprised

9. Not today buddy

10. All gone to waste

11. That's a legit excuse

12. Now he hates the fact that you looked it up

13. An unhelpful crew

14. You have been blessed

15. Heat Transferred successfully

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