These Completely Customizable Cat Products Are Every Cat Parent's Dream Come True

If you're here it's because in some capacity you love cats. Maybe just cats in general. Maybe all encompassing 100% of cats, ever. Or maybe just your cats. Well today we're going to talk about your cats (and my cats, but that's besides the point.) We love our cats, right? Sort of a ridiculous amount of love by some people's standards, but we won't let those negative types bring us down.

There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with cats, especially your cats. Even better? There is nothing wrong with adorning yourself and your home with the very likeness of your cats. Be loud and proud, fellow cat fanatics. That's what we're all about.

Custom Pet Slippers by Cuddle Clones

They'll cost a pretty penny but if you can get your cat to react with, "the audacity," then they're worth every one of those pennies. You can get your own custom pet slippers at Cuddle Clones right meow!

Custom Pillow Pet

The favorite picture of your precious puss you've been clamouring over for months now? Turn it into a pillow. Then, even when your cat doesn't want to cuddle you can still cuddle it. Available here on Amazon!

Or... a pillow of just their head works, too.

These custom designed pillows of your pet's face can be found here on Etsy.

Pajama Pants

You can put their face or their whole body on your new favorite pair of pajama pants. These just scream cozy cat mom, don't they? Get them here on Etsy.

One of a kind Pet Portrait

A completely custom, artist designed portrait of your pet in an iconic costume is the one thing the walls of your home are definitely missing. At least up until the moment you order one here.

Custom Crafted Portrait Keychain

If you're not ready to enter the big leagues of purrsonalized portraits and replica slippers, consider starting smaller with this wooden keychain. Customize yours here on Etsy.

Custom Cat Sticker

Available in various sizes and quantities, plastering your cat in sticker form wherever you darn well please gets a whole lot easier when you upload your cat's photo to this Etsy artist!

Purrsonalized Mug

Coffee, tea, and cocoa all taste better when you're sipping them from a mug celebrating your fur babies. You can plaster your cat's face on a mug here right meow!

Fishbone Socks

With 32 color options, the purr-fect pair surely exists for you and your cat. Smack their face on some socks and show 'em who is the boss (them, it's them.) Customize yours here on Amazon.

But wait, there's more.

If you're not feeling the fishbones, how about these I <3 My Cat socks featuring your cat's face? Nab them here on Amazon.

Custom Earrings

Are you officially a crazy cat person if you're not wearing your cat's face for earrings? The only way we'll know for sure is if more of us do it. Order yours here on Etsy.


Whether your cat sips from your cup when you're not looking or not, putting their pictures on custom coasters definitely adds a spicy element to your home decor. Get your set of 4 here on Etsy.

Custom Magnets

If were up to me, every magnet in our home would have the faces of my cats on them and I wouldn't regret it for a second, but I guess one or two for each will have to suffice.

Order your custom cat portrait magnets here on Etsy.

Wooden Earrings

If you wanted to do earrings but the steel and plastic ones weren't doing it for you, check out these custom wooden ones. They're totally stunning and you can get your cat's done here on Etsy.

Memorial Ornament

Sometimes celebration and mourning collides. These memorial ornaments that pay tribute to your kitties who have crossed the rainbow bridge are purr-fectly precious. You can customize one of your own here on Etsy.

Wool Felt Cat Figurines

You can have this Etsy artist customize a wool, felt cat figurine to the likeness of your cats!

Some people think it's "extra" to customize so many things in my life to celebrate my cats, but I think it's the purrfect way to show off my crazy cat person purrsonality. I'm very proud, how about you? Let us know in the comments if any of these custom cat products tickled your fancy!

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