Couple Leaves Babysitter "Cat Instructions" For Date Night And Shares Them On Twitter

As parents, it's important to regularly connect with your partner. Sometimes, it's not that easy, and life is chaotic when it comes to kids. That's where date night comes in, it's super important. And what do parents do on date night with their kids? They hire a babysitter, naturally. Sometimes, though, the kids are the easy part. Such was the case for Twitter user TwistedDoodles, who hired a babysitter for date night but knew the real concern of the evening was not her kids... it was the cat.

So, she left visual instructions for the babysitter. They were purr-fect, but they were also hysterical, so she shared them on Twitter... thankfully. Because we can't stop laughing!

It all started with a tweet.

The rare date night...

Meet Toody.

Apparently, Toody is quite the naughty cat. Quite, indeed.

Cats are experts in a lot of things.

Toody is an expert at being equally annoying and cute.

Don't worry, it wasn't about "cat-sitting," but it was important info.

Picture for reference included, thankfully.

It turned out, though, the babysitter was the purr-fect solution.

She did just fine.

Twitter users *loved* this.

Everything about it, actually.

Next time, just tell the cat how to handle the babysitter?

Good luck with that.

Totally worth it, don't ya think?

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