These Hilarious Cats Were Caught In Compromising Positions

Cats are said to be graceful, elegant, and majestic. That's true, of course, cats are incredible creatures filled to the brim with beauty and wonder! However, they are also masters of many less delicate features and personality traits: they're naughty, they can be destructive, they have daily derp moments, and oh lawd they love the nomz.

As such, it's not unheard of, let alone impossible, to capture cats on camera in their less than elegant moments. In fact, us humans have gotten pretty good at snapping a picture at precisely the right moment and catching our cats in compromising positions.

1. When you haven't had your coffee yet.

2. Put. Me. DOWN.

3. A cat? Or a chicken leg?

4. Dancing majestically.

5. You will pay for this, human.

6. "Please, Karen, don't just stand there, you must do something."

7. Say cheese!

8. What happens when you interrupt a catnap?

9. The great yogurt thief.

10. Purrfectly positioned.

11. A-meow-zing

12. Destructive as heck.

13. He is trying his best.

14. Adorable, I'm not even mad.

15. "You dare disturb my slumber?"

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