30 Fun Ways To Literally Cover Yourself In Cats

Who doesn't love cats? Well, okay, not everyone does; but those of us who do, REALLY love them!

So, if you're a cat lover like me, get ready to be excited, because you're going to love what we have for you today! You may also want to get your wallet out - just saying.

If you've ever wanted to take your extreme love for everything kitty-cat to the next level, then look no further, this is the list for you! We have everything from cat jewelry to clothing to hair accessories and back again!

Scroll down to take a look through cat-lover heaven!

#1 3D cat underwear - complete with little ears that stick up at the back!

Get it here

#2 Cute cat socks with little ears sticking up on the ankles.

You can find them here

#3 A cross-body bag that will only make sense to Sailor Moon fans! Wear your cute bag with pride, honoring her kitty friends, Luna, Diana & Artemis.

Cross body bag

#4 "Sorry I can't... I have plans with my cat." The perfect shirt for any cat lover!

Sorry, I can't

#5 A hoodie that will let you wear your actual cat - literally!

Pregnant. With my cat

#6 The cutest pantyhose I ever did see!

Work it girl

#7 A temporary "Cat Lady" tattoo to publicly declare your love for your cat.

Not sure if you could get a tattoo that's permanent? Then get this one

#8 The sweetest little sterling silver kitten ring.

Oh my. It's beautiful

#9 A tiny cat pendant to have your cat hanging around wherever you go.

Mufasa, save me!

#10 A rhinestone cat ears headband - need I say more?

#11 Cat pajamas - because how else is a cat lover supposed to sleep?

These are too cute. I just can't

#12 A cat watch to remind you when it's feline feeding time.

I've never seen a better looking watch

#13 A cute cat face sweater. Also a cute "twinning" opportunity for you and your cat!

So cute and minimalist

#14 Cat print leggings to cover your pins in kitties. These leggings have over 4,600 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Anyone's legs would look good in these

#15 Cat pearl studs for an elegant way to celebrate your 'crazy cat lady' status.

These are too cute

#16 What could be better than a mixture of cats AND vintage? This skirt is super cool and even has pockets!

Classy skirt right here

#17 Cat-eye sunglasses for a slightly more subtle approach to cat fashion.

Cat eyes!

#18 If you love cats AND wear glasses - this is clearly the shirt for you!


#19 A velvet cat ear cap - who doesn't need this?

#20 Cat scrubs - because cats are the best medicine!

These are so sweet

#21 A cat print dress, so you can wear your cats in the most feminine way.

Come closer ;)

#22 Black cat nail decals that are purr-fect for Halloween!

OK, these are officially my favorite

#23 Cat slippers - so you can feel as comfy and cozy as your cat. Available in adults and kids sizes.

Oh cute!

#24 Kitten hair clips to add some cuteness to your daily hairstyle.

#25 Cat face sleeping mask - to heat, cool or block out light. But also to look like your cat!

Sleep tight. Until 3am. Bwa ha ha!

#26 A 'Cats Rule' shoulder tote - because cats rule & dogs drool!

Shoulder tote

#27 Cat sneakers to keep your cat obsession game strong in all areas.

#28 Cat microfiber hair-drying towel, with cat ears, nose and whiskers - what more could you want?

Dry your hair as fast as a cat

#29 A catsuit! Is there any other way to show off how much you love cats AND be sexy at the same time?

#30 Simba cross-body bag. Still a cat, but not just any cat. This cute bag is available at Bloomingdale's.

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