Photographer Breaks 'Crazy Cat Lady' Stereotype With Series On 'Crazy Cat Men'

Why is it that we always seem to associate cats with women? After all, how often do you ever hear the term "crazy cat man," as opposed to "crazy cat lady?"

Well, apparently people believe that cats are more of a feminine species and photos with them in particular are primarily a female thing that men just don't do.

But David Williams, a photographer from New York disagrees. In his series "Men & Cats," David has set out to break this exact stereotype.

“I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring,” he said.

Scroll down to enjoy some of the sweetest relationships between men and their cats captured on film!

#1 Chillin' With a Mate

#2 Green Chair, Don't Care

#3 What's On My Neck?

#4 All Fur

#5 Kitchen Hangs

#6 Porch Chats

#7 He Likes It

#8 Band Mates

#9 Who Needs a Dog?

#10 Three's Company

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