Creative Architect Couple Exploit Their Cat's Cardboard Box Obsession By Remodelling Them Into Cat Forts

We're all very aware of the obsession cats have when it comes to cardboard boxes. Even if you buy the most expensive toys for your cats, they'd always rather play with a plain cardboard box, simply because we all know they're from another planet.

A Taiwanese brand called Cat Thing decided to exploit this weird obsession and took it to a whole new level by coming up with a bunch of modern collections of cardboard boxes just for felines.

These boxes are made from a non-toxic and completely recyclable material that is definitely very safe for your cat, so you don't have to worry about them getting harmed at all.

1. They're having the time of their lives

2. Not even that impressed

3. The king of the kitty jungle

4. They all have their own houses

5. Ready to atackkk

6. Kitty Heaven

7. So glorious

8. Spying on her sister

9. I will kill you and your entire family

10. A happy little family


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