These Creative Kids Made Their Cat His Very Own Newspaper To Read While He Uses The Litterbox

I don't really make a habit of watching my cat poop but I'd be lying if I said I've never seen it. It looks like a rather boring way to spend one's time, even for a cat. I mean, when we do our wasteful business most of the time we are occupying ourselves on our  mobile devices (in fact, I'll give you bonus points if you're reading this article while you use the facilities for proving my point.) For one cat's family, they sympathized with their furry feline friend and figured they could do something to help and the Internet is loving it. 

Baba Ganoush is an adorable cat that has lived with his family pretty much his entire life. They brought him home as a kitten seven years ago and it's been a dreamy, happy life ever since. Baba loves his human family, especially his human sisters and he has spent the last seven years bonding with the girls. As we all know in a family privacy is practically unheard of and for Baba and his sisters there was no exception.

One day, Baba's sisters noticed that while he did his, erm, business, he just stared blankly at the wall. His sisters thought this was far too boring for such a special cat and they decided to do something about it!

These girls surely have a bright future ahead of them because at ages of only 10 and 12 they applied themselves to the task of entertaining Baba while he did his dirty deeds. They decided to make Baba his very own newspaper and they placed it purr-fectly above his litter box, just the right spot for him to read while he peed.

Admit it, you're cackling with laughter right now. The best part though is that they didn't just stop there. They've made multiple issues to make sure that Baba never gets bored. I mean, the news is constantly changing so why should Baba be left in the dark?

Jarrod Krieger, Baba's human father (and the girls' human father, too) told the Dodo recently:

The girls create the newspapers up to date with real-world news but with cat-minded twists. Their clever puns and amusing ways of writing things like their story about "Hurricane Purrma" is not lost on anyone. Baba gets to enjoy his purr-sonalized newspa-purrs and the girls are obviously having a lot of fun along the way. It's all around impressive, honestly!

Important news about Hurricaine Purrma and fancy cats winning pageants.

Purrshy's candy bars, Pawlitics, and cat fights... oh my!

Baba sure is one lucky cat to be so beloved that his family would make him a custom newspaper. I mean, just look at his face. He's adorable!

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