Crocheted Cat Cocoons Are So Cute, Everyone Needs One For Their Newborn Baby

Crochet baby cocoons are perfect not just for keeping babies warm and snuggly but also as costumes for photo sessions. Newborn babies often sleep through photo sessions. Baby cocoons add that element of sweetness and adorableness even when the baby is asleep.

But it's time to put down those classic crochet baby cocoons and feast your eyes with the new crocheted cat cocoons. They are perfect for keeping your baby comfortable while looking so adorable and oh-so-charming.

The cat cocoon consists of a part that covers the baby's body and a hat with kitty ears to keep your baby cozy (and look insanely charming). It also comes with a detachable little kitty feet.

It's a great gift for someone you know who loves cat and is about to or just got a newborn baby!

Cat cocoons are a thing now

This is the crocheted cat cocoon, which you can get in various colors and shapes

Cuteness overload!

Check out the link below to see where you can get yours

Get your own here:

Buy Crochet Cat Outfit for Newborns

They are pretty awesome!

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