Cross-Eyed Cat Named Belarus Is A Rising Star And He Is Simply Adorable

Cats are beautiful creatures; there is no doubt about it. No matter what's their size, color, pattern, they are graceful and intelligent animals that quickly grow to our hearts. 

If the cat has something unique, it makes her even prettier, like Belarus, for instance. His crossed eyes emphasize his adorable and playful nature, so it makes it even cuter.

This fluffy and cheerful boy has already amassed more than 250k followers. Scroll on down and see that it's well justified.

His owner, Rachel, adopted him almost two years ago when he was one year old. She instantly fell in love with him and knew that he is the cat for her.

Meet Belarus – a magnificent fur ball with a rare set of eyes

Belarus is born with eyes crossed.

This eye condition is called strabismus.

Ever since she adopted Belarus, his owner Rachel is supporting the shelter he came from, so she could help other cats there. She is using Belarus’ famous face to attract people to her fundraisers for the animals who need help. In 2019 Rachel raised $4000 for the shelter.

This condition poses no threat to Belarus’ health, and doesn’t prevent him from having a full life.

Belarus is a very dynamic young cat.

Fortunately, the strabismus disorder doesn’t cause any pain or other health problems nor is his vision impaired.

Maybe a little bit too active… Some would call him a troublemaker.

He loves to spend time in the shower even when the water is on.

“He is a very active and extremely curious cat,” Rachel told the reporters “He loves to play with balls, twist ties, and almost any other small object he can get his paws on.”

Belarus is adopted from shelter.

He was previously a San Francisco Animal Care & Control resident.

Like any other cat, Belarus has his favored hobbies. Playing in the shower is at the top of the list. His owner says he is a bit of a troublemaker: “He loves knocking things off of the sink while I’m in the shower. He also loves exploring EVERYTHING and squeezing inside the smallest corners and crannies he can find.”

He found his home when he was one year old

His owner says she immediately fell in love with him after seeing his picture.

Belarus enjoys attention and is very inquisitive – everything he needs to be an Instagram star, and his 250k followers probably agree. He has his own Facebook and YouTube accounts.

The cat has his own Instagram and Facebook pages.

Which are updated frequently corresponding to all the newest trends.

A fan made this portrait of him.

How can you not love this guy?

See more on Belarus' Instagram here.

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