Naughty Cats Show How They Rule Our Houses No Matter What

If girls just wanna have fun, cats just wanna cuddle. Or not. We actually aren't super sure? They're mysterious and predictable. They're agents of chaos. In the Reddit community of r/catsareassholes, cats are consistently shared doing what cats do best: mischief, chaos, naughty shenanigans.

I'm pretty sure all they really, truly want is to be petted, cuddled, and worshipped for the gods they know they are, but they're not going to walk down the easy path to get there.

In their wake are destroyed blinds, destroyed plants, destroyed toilet paper... basically a lot of destruction. You get the point, they're agents of chaos.


2. This looks like a nice place to sit, I'll sit here. F*ck Your Towels.

3. A good time is always worth the naughty.

4. The blinds were in his way, foolish mortal.

5. I don't know which emotion is bigger, the frustrated or the impressed.

6. Literally seconds before destruction of nuclear proportions.

7. Oh, did you need this pillow? Not anymore you don't.

8. That's just rude.

9. Showing the dog who is boss.

10. If you're going to be an agent of chaos, best to look cute doing it.

11. S M U G

12. Unbothered.

13. How's your connection? A Little fuzzy?

14. Proudly prancing away.

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