Several Photos Of Sweet Kitties With Curled-Up Paws That Will Make You Melt

I happen to think kitties are adorable any way they come. Young, old, long-hair, short-hair, tiger kitty, or calico. Doesn't matter. 

But when you see a cute little kittie with his cute little paws all curled up?! Oh my gosh, my heart just melts. It's so cute and I just want to pick them up and squeeze them and love them, forever and ever and always. 

Whoops, sorry I got a little overboard. Anyways, the following kitties are super cute and they all have their cute little paws curled up just for your enjoyment. Enjoy and try not to die of cuteness!

Ginger cutie

I can feel this photo

Hi sweet baby

If only your man would look at your with eyes like these



I love how derpy the one on the right looks

These snuggles are what the meaning of life is

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