13 Of The Cutest Cat Posts You May Have Missed This Week

Whether they are snuggled up in a little ball or lying on their back with their paws in the air, we find cats adorable. Even those cats that misbehave sometimes (potentially all of the time) have their moments where we just have to forgive their shortcomings because of how damn cute they are.

From the past week, these cats have been gaining traction on social media, and they are too cute to not share. From a cat falling asleep to a music box, to a cat working out in the parking lot, here are 13 of the cutest cats from the past week.

"Give me five and keep scrolling"

Someone really loves their human

This cat is very traumatised after his claws got trimmed

Sweet dreams little kitty

"My sink is clogged with handsome boi"

Look at this little cloud!

How am I supposed to misbehave now?

"I made my 17 year old King Arthur a cardboard iron throne."

"Cat rolls in edible glitter instantly becomes beautiful galaxy"

I think the cat is talking in morse code

Must be a great spot for a workout

"I submit one (1) hamb leg for your consideration"

"We got a new kitten, but I think our cat got a new kitten."

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